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Global Latitudes 3.0


         Global Latitudes 3.0 was developed to provide consistent proven procedures for any Geospatial/Land Survey firms which will save them both time and money. The procedures are controlled by workflows which were the result of other Geospatial/Land Survey firms and address 26 different services.

Global Latitudes 3.0 is on the Intellect Platform, that is on the cloud, and makes use of Databases that transfer information as needed and control the use data and information so as reduce the time to input and store Client Information.


      It controls the requests for service with input of the service site and the requirement.  It is an option to generate proposals and complete research of the site using satellite interface.      


      After a contract is awarded control of the selected service procedures is provides with the workflows from both the office and the field.  In addition time and costs for services is stored for automated bill, Interface for site research, and Employee time keeping for calculating gross pay. 


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